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Other Featured Resources for Raising Your Consciousness

The Ultimate Destiny Success System includes 14 stand-alone programs (including the one featured on this page) with over 1,200 pages of self-assessment quizzes, application exercises and featured resources in each area of fulfilling your ultimate destiny.

The Ultimate Destiny Success System is available at an advance discount price for only $77 electronically, $197 for a complete set of print books and $497 for the set of e-books, CD's and an orientation DVD.


The Ultimate Destiny Success Puzzle Consists of 16 Pieces:

Ultimate Destiny University for Successful Living Membership Services and Coaching

Introducing the Ultimate Destiny University for Successful Living™  The Curriculum Includes 12 Major Areas of Study and 12 Online Membership “Intentional Communities!” The Ultimate Destiny University for Successful Living™ includes a network of online intentional communities providing programs, products, and services to help you realize more of your potential, fulfill your life purpose, and manifest your ultimate destiny in every area of successful living. 

Membership benefits include access to the password protected Treasure Chest  of resources, teleseminars and webinars, a bi-monthly e-zine, The Total Person®  monthly print newsletter, discounts of up to 40% on hundreds of programs and products and coaching services.

The Ultimate Destiny University for Successful Living is an innovative nonprofit membership program featuring online intentional learning communities with breakthrough techniques, methods, and systems. The project is a joint venture of two nonprofit organizations – the University for Successful Living, and CENTER SPACE – and Ultimate Destiny.

If you’re a serious student of successful living, service, earth stewardship, and Spirit, Ultimate Destiny University is being co-created by others like you who share your vision and interests.  We invite you to join us. An Introductory Charter Membership in Ultimate Destiny University™ is only $20 a month or $197 for a year. Prepay for an entire year and receive the Ultimate Destiny Success System for FREE!

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