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Raising Your Consciousness

 How Well Are You Manifesting Your
Ultimate Destiny in This Area Of Life?

Take our Quiz below now and find out how you score in this area!

According to reading and conversing with high-consciousness, peak- performing people, I consider myself also at a high level of consciousness.

○ NA      ○ 1     ○ 2      ○ 3       ○ 4       ○ 5

I am conscious of what I am thinking, feeling and choosing almost all the time, and when I am not, I quickly realize it and move back to positive intentionality.

○ NA      ○ 1     ○ 2      ○ 3       ○ 4       ○ 5

I have passed the stage of feeling I am a victim of anyone’s actions, or am held back by any circumstances of my past or present. 

○ NA      ○ 1     ○ 2      ○ 3       ○ 4       ○ 5

I have exposed myself to the best literature, speakers, seminars, etc. that I can find to keep raising my consciousness, and will continue to do so.

○ NA      ○ 1     ○ 2      ○ 3       ○ 4       ○ 5

I have a deep sense of the interconnectedness of all people and all things in the universe (e.g., I do not think in terms of having “enemies,” even recognizing there are people who consider me such—if for no reason other than where I live).

○ NA      ○ 1     ○ 2      ○ 3       ○ 4       ○ 5

I regularly experience profound joy—often for no apparent reason, but just in being alive. 

○ NA      ○ 1     ○ 2      ○ 3       ○ 4       ○ 5

I purposely seek out the perspective of those with whom I seem to disagree, knowing that there is probably a lot more common ground than either of us realizes.

○ NA      ○ 1     ○ 2      ○ 3       ○ 4       ○ 5

After pursuing dialog as far as seems profitable, I am able to accept remaining differences in viewpoint or opinion without judging the other party. 

○ NA      ○ 1     ○ 2      ○ 3       ○ 4       ○ 5

While I may have my favorite issues, I am conscious of, and involved when I can be, in a broad range of issues that need attention for the betterment and future of humanity.  

○ NA      ○ 1     ○ 2      ○ 3       ○ 4       ○ 5

 In addition to constantly raising my own level of consciousness, I share new insights, resources, etc. with other people on a regular basis, to help them also.

○ NA      ○ 1     ○ 2      ○ 3       ○ 4       ○ 5

                                                                                Your Total Score ____________

Whatever your present score in this area, Ultimate Destiny has created programs
and services that will help you discover your dreams, realize more of your
inherent potential and know how to manifest your ultimate destiny!

There is a saying that says, “You don’t know what you don’t know” and how true this is! 

This isn’t to say that not knowing is bad.  We all do the best we can with what information
is available at the time.  And yet, it is an exciting process of discovery to learn there are
different ways to look at the same problem or different ways to live life, ways that more
closely align with our identity as spiritual beings having a human experience. 

In this interactive program from Ultimate Destiny, we will explore ways in which
you can tap into a greater sense of self and understanding of the world around you.

                                  Features                                     Benefits

A look at the various aspects often referred to in the raising of consciousness

Develop a personal roadmap for
how to raise your consciousness in the areas you have most interest or need.

Explains how suppressing or ignoring the things people actually know will  diminish power

Knowledge is power – let yourself acknowledge things you’ve either suppressed or ignored that can bring you power.

Explores the concept of perception filters, how to understand and use them. 

Learn to use your perception filters proactively rather than passively or blindly, so they let in powerful new insights.

Information on topics sometimes considered mysterious such as “non-local” consciousness and near death experiences.

Explore controversial, mysterious areas of consciousness such as near death experiences and other sholing “nonlocal” (expansive) aspects of consciousness.


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